2022 FIFA World Cup Referees

Referee plays an important part in every football match and the role of referees becomes even more critical when the tournament is FIFA World Cup. It is important for FIFA to select the best of the available officials for the 2022 FIFA World Cup as one wrong decision of the referee could change the outcome of a match. The referees, assistant referees and fourth officials (collectively known as match officials) shall be appointed by the FIFA Referees Committee for each match and the committee’s decision regarding the appointment of Match Official will be final and not subject to appeal.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be played in Qatar w.e.f November 20, 2022, and ends on December 18, 2022. The 29-day-long event will feature 64 matches across 8 different stadiums in 5 host cities. A total of 36 referees, 69 assistant referees and 24 video assistant referees have been appointed for the tournament. Here you can see statistics of all the Referees of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

2022 FIFA World Cup Referees Stats

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