How to get Fan ID (Hay’ya Card) for 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar?

Have you applied for 2022 FIFA World Cup Tickets?. Make sure to apply for Hay’ya Card (Fan ID) as well. Hay’ya in Arabic means Let’s Go, with this vision in mind, the Qatari Government has introduced this card to deliver an incredible experience to fans who will be vising Qatar in 2022. The card will act as a permit to enter the State of Qatar, stadiums (along with match ticket) and pass for free matchday travel (for both bus and metro).

What is Hayya Card?

It is a technology-based smart card that will be available in both physical and digital forms. The card is a must for fans planning to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches in the stadiums.

Documents to apply for Hayya Card?

In order to apply for a Hayya Card one needs the following documents:

  1. A valid QID for Qataris and residents
  2. Valid passport details for international fans
  3. Children under 14 will need a parent or legal guardian to submit their Hayya Card application
  4. Match application ticket number.

How to apply for Hayya Card?

International fans must also confirm their accommodation plans after purchasing tickets. The applications for Hayya Card started on 22 March 2022 and the link to apply is You can use Hayya Card Photo Generator tool to generate Hayya card picture that complies with all requirements.

Will Haaya Card act as Visa?

Yes, fans can use Hayya Card to enter the State of Qatar provided they carry valid passports.

How to receive Hayya Card?

The card after approval will be available to fans in digital form on their Hayya app or the card can be collected physically later by the fans.

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