Refund Policy for 2022 FIFA World Cup Tickets

The sales for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Tickets are already started from January 19, 2022. The tickets will be sold in three phases. Many ticket applicants are looking for the Refund Policy for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Tickets. So today let’s know more about the refund policy of FIFA.

As per the Refund Policy, only the Ticket Applicant shall be entitled to any right of refund, under no circumstances FIFA Ticketing shall be required to provide a refund or any other form of compensation to any Guest of the Ticket Applicant. The amount of any refund will be based on the face value of the Ticket minus any administration fees paid as part of the Ticket Application. Further, FIFA Ticketing will also not be liable for the refund amount being less than the original price resulting from fluctuation in currency exchange rates. Under no circumstances FIFA will be required to compensate for other costs such as travel or accommodation costs.

In case FIFA cancels a ticket due to breach of Terms of Sale, Terms of use or the Stadium Code of Conduct by the Ticket Applicant or any Guest of the Ticket Applicant. Only in the following events when FIFA Ticketing cancels a ticket, the Ticket applicant will be eligible for a refund:

  1. Match being cancelled, postponed or relocated, as further described in the Terms of Use;
  2. FIFA is required to reduce Stadium capacity as a result of safety, security, technical, health or other reasons that FIFA considers appropriate.
  3. The team to which a Ticket Package corresponds does not participate in the Competition; or
  4. The team to which a Conditional Ticket corresponds does not participate in the relevant Match or stage of the Competition.

If the Ticket Applicant is entitled to a refund then FIFA Ticketing will process a refund of the prescribed amount in Qatari Riyal (QAR) to the same payment card used by the Ticket Applicant to purchase the Ticket within thirty (30) working days. Refund will not be processed to any other payment card. In case the refund can’t be processed to the applicant’s payment card then the applicant needs to provide bank account details in order to enable FIFA Ticketing to process the refund via bank transfer.

It is important to note that the only exclusive online ticketing sales platform for general fans is the official ticketing website for the 2022 FIFA World Cup i.e. Tickets obtained from any other sources will not be accepted and will be automatically cancelled and the ticket holder will not be entitled to any compensation on this ground.

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  1. Sunson paul
    12:48 PM (11 minutes ago)
    to qatar.2022

    Dear Fifa team,

    I had purchased some North Macedonia tickets but they didn’t qualify
    kindly refund the below ticket cost Ticket

    Name: Sunson paul
    Application Number: …….

    Sunson paul

    • Same thing happened to me, i bought tickets for colombia and they didn’t qualify, they havent respondedmy emails yet, just and FYI don’t post your ticket application number you never know what scammers out there can do.

  2. Same boat!

    Do we have to request the refund or is it done automatically?
    Time frame?

    Thank you!

  3. I have same problem i was purched the ticket for team iraq now i do not know when fifa will refund my amount ??? If any body have solution please share

  4. I book some tickets for mali and because it was eliminated they cancel my tickets and they said that in 30 days they will refund till now i did not receive my money almost 2 months we have to make an action against fifa because i feel they will took our money

  5. I need a refund for Peru tickets any info

  6. Did you already got your refund?

  7. What time I will get my refund Iā€™m Brazil fan

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