2019 Rugby World Cup Schedule in Moscow Time (MSK)

The Bears (nickname of Russian Rugby team) will be contesting in the  2019 Rugby World Cup which is scheduled from September 20, 2019, to November 2, 2019, in the land of the rising sun. The tournament will be hosted by Japan for the very first time in which 20 national teams will compete and Russia is one of them. Russia is pooled in Group A along with Scotland, Ireland, Samoa and hosts Japan.

As far as the format of the competition is concerned, the 20 teams are divided into four groups of five teams each and each team will get to play 4 matches in the group stage. On the basis of the group stage performance, teams will proceed to the knockout stage of the tournament. Total 48 games will be contested across 12 stadiums across Japan.

Alongside other sports, Rugby is also one of the popular sport in Russia and as their side will be taking part in the 2019 Rugby World Cup, a number of Russian Rugby fans would be looking for the complete match schedule of 2019 Rugby World Cup in Moscow Time which is three hours ahead of GMT. However, as the matches are scheduled in Japan which uses Japan Standard Time (JST) which is nine hours ahead of GMT. Accordingly, there will be a time difference of six hours. Therefore, to keep things simple for our Russian friends, we have provided you with the complete fixture of all the 48 matches of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Moscow Time (MSK)

The first match of the Russian team will also be the first match of the 2019 RWC which will be played on September 20, 2019, at 1:45 PM MSK and they will take on hosts Japan.

The first game of the 2019 RWC will be played between Russia and hosts Japan on September 20, 2019, 1:45 PM (Moscow Time) in Tokyo. The final game of the competition will be played on November 2, 2019, at 12:00 PM MSK in Yokohama.

2019 Rugby World Cup Schedule in Moscow Time (MSK)

Match Date (2019)
Time (MSK)TeamsStadiumStage
1.September 201:45 PMJapan (30) v (10) RussiaTokyo Stadium, TokyoPool A
2.September 217:45 AMAustralia (39) v (21) FijiSapporo Dome, SapporoPool D
3.September 2110:15 AMFrance (23) v (21) ArgentinaTokyo Stadium, TokyoPool C
4.September 2112:45 PMNew Zealand (23) v (13) South AfricaInternational Stadium Yokohama, YokohamaPool B
5.September 228:15 AMItaly (47) v (22) NamibiaHanazono Rugby Stadium, HigashiosakaPool B
6.September 2210:45 AMIreland (27) v (3) ScotlandInternational Stadium Yokohama, YokohamaPool A
7.September 221:15 PMEngland (35) v (3) TongaSapporo Dome, SapporoPool C
8.September 231:15 PMWales (43) v (14) GeorgiaCity of Toyota Stadium, ToyotaPool D
9.September 241:15 PMRussia (9) v (34) SamoaKumagaya Rugby Stadium, KumagayaPool A
10.September 258:15 AMFiji (27) v (30) UruguayKamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, KamaishiPool D
11.September 2610:45 AMItaly (48) v (7) CanadaFukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium, FukuokaPool B
12.September 261:45 PMEngland (45) v (7) USAKobe Misaki Stadium, KobePool C
13.September 287:45 AMArgentina (28) v (12) TongaHanazono Rugby Stadium, HigashiosakaPool C
14.September 2810:15 AMJapan (19) v (12) IrelandShizuoka Stadium Ecopa, FukuroiPool A
15.September 2812:45 PMSouth Africa (57) v (3) NamibiaCity of Toyota Stadium, ToyotaPool B
16.September 298:15 AMGeorgia (33) v (7) UruguayKumagaya Rugby Stadium, KumagayaPool D
17.September 2910:45 AMAustralia (25) v (29) WalesTokyo Stadium, TokyoPool D
18.September 301:15 PMScotland (34) v (0) SamoaKobe Misaki Stadium, KobePool A
19.October 210:45 AMFrance (33) v (9) USAFukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium, FukuokaPool C
20.October 21:15 PMNew Zealand (63) v (0) CanadaOita Stadium, OitaPool B
21.October 38:15 AMGeorgia (10) v (45) FijiHanazono Rugby Stadium, HigashiosakaPool D
22.October 31:15 PMIreland (35) v (0) RussiaKobe Misaki Stadium, KobePool A
23.October 412:45 PMSouth Africa (49) v (3) ItalyShizuoka Stadium Ecopa, FukuroiPool B
24.October 58:15 AMAustralia (45) v (10) UruguayOita Stadium, OitaPool D
25.October 511:00 AMEngland (39) v (10) ArgentinaTokyo Stadium, TokyoPool C
26.October 51:30 PMJapan (38) v (19) SamoaCity of Toyota Stadium, ToyotaPool A
27.October 67:45 AMNew Zealand (71) v (9) NamibiaTokyo Stadium, TokyoPool B
28.October 610:45 AMFrance (23) v (21) TongaKumamoto Stadium, KumamotoPool C
29.October 81:15 PMSouth Africa (66) v (7) CanadaKobe Misaki Stadium, KobePool B
30.October 97:45 AMArgentina (47) v (17) USAKumagaya Rugby Stadium, KumagayaPool C
31.October 910:15 AMScotland (61) v (0) RussiaShizuoka Stadium Ecopa, FukuroiPool A
32.October 912:45 PMWales (29) v (17) FijiOita Stadium, OitaPool D
33.October 111:15 PMAustralia (27) v (8) GeorgiaShizuoka Stadium Ecopa, FukuroiPool D
34.October 127:45 AMNew Zealand (0) v (0) ItalyCity of Toyota Stadium, ToyotaPool B
35.October 1211:15 AMEngland (0) v (0) FranceInternational Stadium Yokohama, YokohamaPool C
36.October 121:45 PMIreland (47) v (5) SamoaFukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium, FukuokaPool A
37.October 136:15 AMNamibia (0) v (0) CanadaKamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, KamaishiPool B
38.October 138:45 AMUSA (19) v (31) TongaHanazono Rugby Stadium, HigashiosakaPool C
39.October 1311:15 AMWales (35) v (13) UruguayKumamoto Stadium, KumamotoPool D
40.October 131:45 PMJapan (28) v (21) ScotlandInternational Stadium Yokohama, YokohamaPool A
41.October 1910:15 AMEngland (40) v (16) AustraliaOita Stadium, OitaQuarter-Finals
42.October 191:15 PMNew Zealand (46) v (14) IrelandTokyo Stadium, TokyoQuarter-Finals
43.October 2010:15 AMWales (20) v (19) FranceOita Stadium, OitaQuarter-Finals
44.October 201:15 PMJapan (3) v (26) South AfricaTokyo Stadium, TokyoQuarter-Finals
45.October 2611:00 AMEngland (19) v (7) New ZealandInternational Stadium Yokohama, YokohamaSemi-Finals
46.October 2712:00 PMWales (16) v (19) South AfricaInternational Stadium Yokohama, YokohamaSemi-Finals
47.November 112:00 PMNew Zealand (40) v (17) WalesTokyo Stadium, TokyoBronze Final
48.November 212:00 PMEngland (12) v (32) South AfricaInternational Stadium Yokohama, YokohamaFinal

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