2019 Cricket World Cup Schedule in Central Time (CT)

The 2019 Cricket World Cup will be jointly hosted by England and Wales from May 30, 2019 to July 14, 2019. A total of 48 matches will be played across 11 venues in England and Wales. The schedule given below will be useful for fans living in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Central America. You can also know the 2019 Cricket World Cup Schedule in Pacific Standard Time (PST) and Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Cricket World Cups

The international governing body of Cricket organizes the Cricket World Cup once in a period of 4 years. The last such tournament was jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand which was won by Australia. In the 2019 Cricket World Cup, ten teams will be contesting for winning the prestigious trophy. These 10 teams will be pooled in a single group and each team will play 9 group stage matches and the format is such that a particular team will face all the other nine teams once during the group stage of the competition.

Keeping the fans from the Central Zone in mind we have provided the complete match schedule of all the 48 matches of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. The matches will start as per British Summer Time which is one hour ahead of GMT while the Central Daylight Time is five hours behind the GMT. Accordingly, time difference of six hours arises between the match local time and Central Time Zone. Keeping this in view, we have converted the match start timing of all games of 2019 Cricket World Cup to Central Time (CT) or Central Daylight Time. It is important to keep in mind that during the 2019 World Cup Daylight Saving will be observed in the regions falling under Central Time Zone. Accordingly, we have provided the match schedule of the 2019 Cricket World Cup in Central Daylight Time in the table below. The schedule below is useful for fans from Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The opening game of the 2019 Cricket World Cup will be played on May 30, 2019, at 4:30 AM Central Time Zone (CT) between South Africa and hosts England at The Oval in London and the title game is scheduled to be played between the winners of two semifinal games on July 14, 2019 at 4:30 AM Central Daylight Time (CDT) at Lord’s in London.

2019 Cricket World Cup Schedule in Central Daylight Time



Date (2019)
Time (CST/CDT)TeamsStadiumStage
1.May 304:30 AMEngland vs South Africa

(England won by 104 runs)

The Oval, LondonGroup
2.May 314:30 AMPakistan vs Windies

(Windies won by 7 wkts)

Trent Bridge, NottinghamGroup
3.June 14:30 AMNew Zealand vs Sri Lanka

(New Zealand won by 10 wkts)

Sophia Gardens, CardiffGroup
4.June 17:30 AMAfghanistan vs Australia

(Australia won by 7 wkts)

County Ground, BristolGroup
5.June 24:30 AMBangladesh vs South Africa

(Bangladesh won by 21 runs)

The Oval, LondonGroup
6.June 34:30 AMEngland vs Pakistan

(Pakistan won by 14 runs)

Trent Bridge, NottinghamGroup
7.June 44:30 AMAfghanistan vs Sri Lanka

(Sri Lanka win by 34 runs (DLS Method))

Sophia Gardens, CardiffGroup
8.June 54:30 AMIndia vs South Africa

(India won by 6 wkts)

Rose Bowl, SouthamptonGroup
9.June 57:30 AMBangladesh vs New Zealand

(New Zealand won by 2 wkts)

The Oval, LondonGroup
10.June 64:30 AMAustralia vs Windies

(Australia won by 15 runs)

Trent Bridge, NottinghamGroup
11.June 74:30 AMPakistan vs Sri Lanka

(Match abandoned without a ball bowled)

County Ground, BristolGroup
12.June 84:30 AMEngland vs Bangladesh

(England won by 106 runs)

Sophia Gardens, CardiffGroup
13.June 87:30 AMAfghanistan vs New Zealand

(New Zealand won by 7 wkts)

County Ground, TauntonGroup
14.June 94:30 AMAustralia vs India

(India won by 36 runs)

The Oval, LondonGroup
15.June 104:30 AMSouth Africa vs Windies

(No result)

Rose Bowl, SouthamptonGroup
16.June 114:30 AMBangladesh vs Sri Lanka

(Match abandoned without toss due to rain)

County Ground, BristolGroup
17.June 124:30 AMAustralia vs Pakistan

(Australia won by 41 runs)

County Ground, TauntonGroup
18.June 134:30 AMIndia vs New Zealand

(Match abandoned without toss (due to rain))

Trent Bridge, NottinghamGroup
19.June 144:30 AMEngland vs Windies

(England won by 8 wkts)

Rose Bowl, SouthamptonGroup
20.June 154:30 AMAustralia vs Sri Lanka

(Australia won by 87 runs)

The Oval, LondonGroup
21.June 157:30 AMAfghanistan vs South Africa

(South Africa won by 9 wkts (DLS method))

Sophia Gardens, CardiffGroup
22.June 164:30 AMIndia vs Pakistan

(India won by 89 runs (DLS method))

Old Trafford, ManchesterGroup
23.June 174:30 AMBangladesh vs Windies

(Bangladesh won by 7 wkts)

County Ground, TauntonGroup
24.June 184:30 AMEngland vs Afghanistan

(England won by 150 runs)

Old Trafford, ManchesterGroup
25.June 194:30 AMNew Zealand vs South Africa

(New Zealand won by 4 wkts)

Edgbaston, BirminghamGroup
26.June 204:30 AMAustralia vs Bangladesh

(Australia won by 48 runs)

Trent Bridge, NottinghamGroup
27.June 214:30 AMEngland vs Sri Lanka

(Sri Lanka won by 20 runs)

Headingley, LeedsGroup
28.June 224:30 AMAfghanistan vs India

(India won by 11 runs)

Rose Bowl, SouthamptonGroup
29.June 227:30 AMNew Zealand vs Windies

(New Zealand won by 5 runs)

Old Trafford, ManchesterGroup
30.June 234:30 AMPakistan vs South Africa

(Pakistan won by 49 runs)

Lord’s, LondonGroup
31.June 244:30 AMAfghanistan vs Bangladesh

(Bangladesh won by 62 runs)

Rose Bowl, SouthamptonGroup
32.June 254:30 AMEngland vs Australia

(Australia won by 64 runs)

Lord’s, LondonGroup
33.June 264:30 AMNew Zealand vs Pakistan

(Pakistan won by 6 wkts)

Edgbaston, BirminghamGroup
34.June 274:30 AMIndia vs Windies

(India won by 125 runs)

Old Trafford, ManchesterGroup
35.June 284:30 AMSri Lanka vs South Africa

(South Africa won by 9 wkts)

Riverside Ground, Chester-le-StreetGroup
36.June 294:30 AMAfghanistan vs Pakistan

(Pakistan won by 3 wkts)

Headingley, LeedsGroup
37.June 297:30 AMAustralia vs New Zealand

(Australia won by 86 runs)

Lord’s, LondonGroup
38.June 304:30 AMEngland vs India

(England won by 31 runs)

Edgbaston, BirminghamGroup
39.July 14:30 AMSri Lanka vs Windies

(Sri Lanka won by 23 runs)

Riverside Ground, Chester-le-StreetGroup
40.July 24:30 AMBangladesh vs India

(India won by 28 runs)

Edgbaston, BirminghamGroup
41.July 34:30 AMEngland vs New Zealand

(England won by 119 runs)

Riverside Ground, Chester-le-StreetGroup
42.July 44:30 AMAfghanistan vs Windies

(West Indies won by 23 runs)

Headingley, LeedsGroup
43.July 54:30 AMBangladesh vs Pakistan

(Pakistan won by 94 runs)

Lord’s, LondonGroup
44.July 64:30 AMIndia vs Sri Lanka

(India won by 7 wkts)

Headingley, LeedsGroup
45.July 67:30 AMAustralia vs South Africa

(South Africa won by 10 runs)

Old Trafford, ManchesterGroup
46.July 94:30 AMIndia vs New Zealand

(New Zealand won by 18 runs)

Old Trafford, ManchesterSemi-finals
47.July 114:30 AMAustralia vs England

(England won by 8 wkts)

Edgbaston, BirminghamSemi-finals
48.July 144:30 AMNew Zealand vs England

(Match tied (England won Super Over on boundary count))

Lord’s, LondonFinal

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